L’Oréal x Gjosa

L’Oréal is committed to reducing water consumption not only of its activities but also in helping its partners to do so. L’Oréal and Gjosa have teamed up to create Water Saver, a new technology that makes sustainable water usage available to everyone.

L'Oréal Water Saver

Sustainable Water Saver haircare technology, which was unveiled at the CES 2021 tech show is part of the answer: it proves what Beauty Tech can do for the environment, and especially for sustainable water use.

L’Oréal & Gjosa have developed a breakthrough multi-channel showerhead that integrates Gjosa patented In-Flow® Technology.


L'Oréal x Gjosa - Douchette

The first born of the Water Saver portfolio.
Developed between L’Oréal and Gjosa, the “Douchette” for hair salons delivers up to 60% water savings.

The “Douchette” helps hair salons reduce the environmental impact of their business by saving some of the water during their bin routines.

A prototype version is now being tested in France. This showerhead will be commercialized in 2022.

La douchette Gjosa aide les salons de coiffure à réduire l’impact environnemental de leur activité en économisant une partie de l’eau lors de leurs routines au bac.

En France, nous testons actuellement une version prototype de la douchette qui sera commercialisée en 2022.

« We believe it is our responsibility at L’Oréal to do our part to preservee the earth’s natural resources. Every drop of water is precious, and our new technology makes every drop of water count. »

- Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO, L’Oréal Group
« This breaktrough technology shows just why we are so committed, and excited, by sustainable innovations »

- Guive Balooch, Head of the L’Oréal Technology Incubator
« By combining Gjosa’s unique water-tech innovations with L’Oréal’s knowledge of beauty rituals, data, tech, and personalization, we will invent together new augmented beauty experiences for our consumers while protecting the coveted and precious resource that is water »

- Barbara Lavernos, Chief Research, Innovation & Technology Officer, L’Oréal Group

Water and Shampoo Harmoniously mixed together

For customers, it is a new refreshing experience with an unprecedented sensation of well-being. For hair salons, it drives substantial savings and positions them as innovative and sustainable businesses.

How the Water Saver with Gjosa Technology Benefit Hair Salons

Save up to 60% of water
Full wettability and good rinsing
Provides a unique tonic jet
Ensure a pleasurable experience

Thanks to Gjosa technology, hair care products are now infused directly within the micronized water flow. This unique combination delivers a novel and personalized experience and allows to rinse shampoo with substantial water and energy savings.

From Research and Innovation to a Final Consumer Product


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