At Gjosa, we care about the planet and are determined to reduce water consumption for current and upcoming generations!
We are a Swiss innovation and environmental company that believes in technology as a force for good.
We integrate breakthrough technology into everyday products that allow people to take an active role in the making of a more sustainable tomorrow.

It all starts with you!


Inspired by the power and efficiency of geysers, our patented technology is applicable to unique and performant water/energy saving-solutions, such as showerheads and haircare industry systems.


The Gjosa GS products integrate our patented technology and deliver best-in-class experience and efficiency. The GH products are developed through a partnership with L’Oréal. The results of this exclusive partnership are first-of-its-kind water-saving products.

High-velocity water
High-velocity water droplets
Patented Jet-Fusion® Technology
Patented Jet-Fusion® Technology
Exclusive and unique experience
Exclusive and unique experience

Gjosa x Business


At Gjosa, we have developed efficient water saving solutions that adapt easily to different organizations and contexts.
We partner with businesses and accompany them on their journey towards a sustainable future.

Save up to 80% of water and energy
Drastically reduce your costs
Reduce your C02 emissions
Strengthen your position as eco-friendly

L’Oréal x Gjosa

We are partnering exclusively with L’Oréal, with the aim to reduce the water footprint of the haircare Industry.
Thanks to Gjosa technology, haircare products are now infused directly within the micronized water flow. This unique combination delivers a novel and personalized experience and allows shampoo rinsing with substantial water and energy savings.

Save up to 80% of water and energy
Full wettability and good rinsing
Ensures a pleasurable experience

Gjosa x You

At Gjosa, we believe that small actions can create a significant effect.
We empower you to make a difference for the planet with a simple daily gesture by taking a pleasant shower!

It all starts with you!

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